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Hot Tub Buyers Guide

Buying a hot tub is akin to buying a car. It's a big purchase and an item that will be with you for many years to come. Because of this you want to make sure you buy the hot tub that is right for you.

Our hot tub buying guide is written from the experience of thousands of hot tub installations so please take a few minutes to read through. We highlight some very important yet often overlooked considerations that will help you make the right buying choice for your particular needs. We have divided the guide into several sections to make finding the info you need as easy as possible however we do advise going through the entire guide to make sure you havent overlooked an important consideration.

1. Your chosen retailer of choice.

The Hot Tub market in the UK is still relitively new and companies are constantly popping up to take advantage of the hot tub boom. Many of these copanies are simply drop-ship web-sites. This means no-stock and no physical facility of any kind. Drop-shippers simply order your hot tub after you have paid for it then delivery is quite literally curb-side drop off.

Another, and probably more important consideration is the retailers source of stock. Hot Tubs should be pushed through very strict standards. This is essential not only to ensure your hot tub can run at an acceptable cost (bad insulation will run hundreds of pounds of electricity bills on a monthly basis) but also to ensure your chosen hot tub model is built to strict safety standards.

A huge red flag in the UK hot tub market is overly American branding. Everyone wants you to think their hot tubs are from the States with very good reason - standards. A quick look around and you will soon see a case in point. Models of hot tubs with names such as "The New York" and "The Vancouver" are nearly always made in China and drop-shipped on-demand. These hot tubs don't pass any testing and are distributed without parts meaning if something goes wrong, you may well be waiting months for a fix - if even possible at all.

2. The Hot Tub manufacturer.

As hot tubs have become more and more popular over the last few years the hot tub industry has suddenly seen a huge rise in the amount of hot tub manufacturers. Some of these are simply jumping on a bandwagon in the hope of making a quick profit. Other manufactuers, on the other hand, have been around for many years and are tried and tested companies. As soon as you have found the hot tub you wish to purchase the next step is to find out who manufactured it. Find out where the hot tub is made? What standards are in place to ensure quality? How long have they been in business.

3. Buying and payment options.

Your tub will be in stock in 7 weeks but the company wants full payment today? Run for the hills. The decision to buy a hot tub is a big one. There is a lot to take into consideration and any good company will make the purchase process as comfortable as possible.

FINANCE : It is quite common for hot tub companies to offer finance. Much like cars, hot tubs are a purchase of multiples of thousands of £'s so finance is a natural buying option.

DEPOSITS : When deposits are required it should always be just a token gesture and not a major payment. It is fair and normal for a company to expect a deposit on a hot tub, after all once a deposit is paid on a product that product is taken off the sales line. That said there is no reason for any company to expect a massive deposit.

4. Delivery & Installation.

Before commiting to buying a hot tub from anyone always ask about delivery. You want to KNOW the earliest possible delivery time even if you dont want delivery for quite a while yet. The only thing stopping delivery should be a full diary - in other words asking the earliest delivery date will give you a good idea if your hot tub is in stock or in China.

The absolute worst sin any hot tub company can make is only offering curbside delivery. This is simply when there is no installation; the hot tub is literally dropped off outside your house on the curb. Obviously this can cause huge headaches because hot tubs cannot be easily moved and installed. Always make sure the company you buy from does everything from delivery to installation and a full working demonstration to show you everything working away.

5. After care and ongoing service.

Buying a hot tub can be compared to buying a car. It is a multi-thousand £ investment that will be with you for many years to come. Good solid after care and a good warranty are of utmost importance; your guarantee that the hot tub is in best condition for many years to come. Because of this it is imperitive you make sure the company you buy your hot tub from offers great after care and ongoing support.

Always ask the questions. 1) Are spare parts in stock,,,, or in China? Is a hot tub company able to solve any problems you have, no matter where you are in the country within a matter of days?

Here at The Hot Tub Superstore we pride ourselves on having probably the most robust hot tub support network on the planet. We have our teams of installers all over the country every single day of the year. When a customer calls for support we act fast. Often getting to customers on the same day they have informed us they need help. Our installation vans stock every single part needed for every hot tub we have ever sold so not only are we unbelievably fast to get to you, we pretty much always get the job done first time.