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Ask Dr Hilary - Serious Injury

It doesnt matter if it is a simple injury from a sports workout session or injury from a serious event. The chances are that using a hot tub - unless specifically not suitable - is one of the best treatments around for any kind of injury. Below Dr Hilary has a special message for the visitors of The Hot Tub Superstore regarding hot tubs as an aid for recovery from serious injury.

Dr Hilary on hot tubs and serious injury!

Hi. I'm Dr Hilary Jones and I'd like to talk to about the value of hot tubs for people with even serious medical conditions.

As a doctor I sometimes wish that all surgeries had a hot tub on their premises where the patients that we see could benefit from the relaxing effects of hydrotherapy. Now we see patients in pain from fibromyalgia and other forms of arthritis, we see people with chronic fatigue syndrome, suffering winter blues, anxiety and various forms of depression. People with headaches, back-ache and people recovering from sports injuries.

Hydrotherapy could benefit almost every single person on that list. It wouldn't cost very much and it wouldn't have any side effects. The value of hot tub hydrotherapy is proven with minor and acute injuries but also people with more serious conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis to cerebral palsey and those people recovering from a stroke could really benefit. Not just from the pleasure of using of hot tub but also from the relief of both acute and the chronic symptoms.

If you've never considered using a hot tub maybe it's time.