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Ask Dr Hilary - Recovery

It doesnt matter if it simple recovery from a sports workout session or recovery from a serious condition. The chances are that using a hot tub - unless specifically not suitable - is one of the best treatments around for reovery. Below Dr Hilary has a special message for the visitors of The Hot Tub Superstore regarding hot tubs as an aid for recovery

Dr Hilary on hot tubs and recovery!

Hi I'm Dr Hilary Jones and like to talk to you about the value of hot tubs in promoting physical recovery in people involved in sport.

Now theres a very good reason that hot tubs are used routinely by physical therapists and pain management consultants to treat a range of conditions which include minor sprains right through to things like serious injuries.

The effect of warm water and the massaging effects of the hot tub means that endorphins are released. These are naturally occuring substances which can reduce pain and inflamation and enhance mood.

Natural sunlight also produces endorphins so I like to think of a hot tub as a form of liquid sunshine. Research shows that a good soak after physical activity in a hot tub can really help in easing muscle tension. It improves blood flow which brings with it oxygen and nutrients to replenish tired muscles and it helps to get rid of that lactic acid which acumulates after workouts and can cause next day stiffness.

Also there is a soothing and envigorating effect on weary muscles from the massage and the jets of a hot tub. When you think of it you ahvent got the expense when using a hot tub of the masseurs or the physical therapists and best of all if youve got your own tub you can use this to prevent and to treat sports injury whenever you need it.