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Ask Dr Hilary - Back Pain

Hot Tubs are the best way to provide the full benefits of hydrotherapy in the home environment. Hydrotherapy is beneficial for back pain and just about any other physical pain. Warm water combined with gentle massage provide the perfect environment to soothe a bad back. Click the video below or read on to see what the UK's finest, Dr Hilary has to say regarding hot tubs for the treatment of back-pain.

Dr Hilary on hot tubs and back-pain!

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Dr Hilary Jones and I'd like to talk to you about using a hot tub if you suffer from back pain.

For centuries, cultures as diverse as the ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Japanese have exploited the therapeutic value of natural warm water spas to reduce pain, to improve relaxation and to stimulate the circulation that's necessary for healing.

If you suffer from back pain using a hot tub is the modern remedy for easing the inflammation of back pain that leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

In the UK us Britain's shell out millions of pounds literally every year in fighting back pain. It's the leading cause of missing days from work and disability claims and whether the pain comes from acute muscle strain, from osteoporosis, a slipped disk or sciatica it doesn't matter. The consequences mean your quality of life is seriously affected.

When you consider the traditional approach of doctors, they might consider bed rest but we now know that bed rest is counter productive the muscle's soon waste and the strength of the muscles is taken away from supporting the joints so we don't want to do that. The other thing they do is prescribe anti inflammatory medication and pain relief but many people suffer from side effects as a result.

Heat however, of all the therapies, is a really effective way of dealing with back pain. The first thing it does is to improve the circulation which brings with it the cells and the nutrition required for healing an injured tissue. It also relaxes the muscles. Its muscle spasm that's responsible for so much of the pain associated with back-ache.

The other great advantage of course with the hot tub is massage. Modern shell molds mean you can fully immersed and supported in the water while the jets can target specific problem areas such as the back of the neck and the lumber spine. The best news however is that if you own your own hot tub you can have this relief whenever and how often you really need it keeping back pain away in the long term.